I’ve been thinking about the idea of connection, how we are designed ideally to fit together with one another to build something better, like a great big community of legos. A friend of mine recently said that this time in life is about finding your people. Obviously, everyone is not for everyone and we are... Continue Reading →


“The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places.” Ernest Hemingway I love this quote. Hemingway places two words together which many wouldn’t expect but which absolutely belong: broken and strong. I look around and see how people struggle, I see my own struggles, and it’s crystal clear to me that we... Continue Reading →


Last night, I dreamed that a car took me to a home I haven’t visited in years. As I walked to the door, I was unsure of why I was even there, but I was greeted and ushered inside by friends with lots of love and care. The children inside the house had not aged... Continue Reading →

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