Last night, I dreamed that a car took me to a home I haven’t visited in years. As I walked to the door, I was unsure of why I was even there, but I was greeted and ushered inside by friends with lots of love and care. The children inside the house had not aged since I had been inside of it last, though that was well over a decade now. It soon occurred to me that though I was my present-day self, these friends were still right where I had left them. They were friends that had fallen away years ago, but in my dream they didn’t know that.

We were back in our usual old groove and it felt like a jolt to me but ordinary friendliness to them. I had no want or need to rehearse the old hurts that had caused our separation, but I just enjoyed the moment in time that I had gotten to revisit. In the dream, I turned to my friends and thanked them for all of the wonderful days we had spent together, all of our laughter, shared meals and memories, and I hugged them for a long time. They were confused, of course, but they accepted my strange behavior and hugged me back.

It was such a weird and wonderful dream. Today, it has me thinking of the tapestry that is my life and just how many threads are stitched in there so far. Some, very few I guess, are life-long threads, but the other, shorter ones are still very important. Some are ripped and some are knotted, some are vibrant colors that changed everything and some are in the background.  Each person’s life that has intersected with mine has affected and changed me in some way, taught me something, enriched my life and made me more of who I am. And I’m thankful for all of those people, all of those threads.

If you’re reading this today, you’re one of them. Thank you from my heart, and have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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