Christmas Blessings – Raised Catholic episode 54

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Today is episode 54: Christmas Blessings

Hi friends, I hope you had a healthy and peace-filled Christmas. As I record this, it’s about 10pm the night after Christmas and the house is still but the lights are twinkling, and my pup Bailey is snoring a bit.  Maybe you hear her.  Anyway, as we prepare to start a brand-new year, I’m working on prayerfully choosing a word for 2022 as I’ve done for the last several years, along with enjoying a bit of a restful break with family and friends, but I did want to offer you a small prayer and reflection as you consider the end of this crazy year and the beginning of the one to come. If you’re not caught up with the podcast, this would be a great time to listen to some of the older Raised Catholic episodes, too, plus I have a bit of news about the podcast that I’d like to share with you. So, first, that update.

Throughout this first year of Raised Catholic, I’ve received many messages from you about how you find the podcast helpful or meaningful so thank you, friends, truly, from the bottom of my heart, for that encouragement.  From time to time, I also get a question about how a listener might support this podcast financially.  And that is so humbling and I’m grateful, as it is a time-consuming endeavor for me, about 6-10 hours to make this podcast for you each week. And while I’ve always appreciated the offer of financial support, I’ve never had a mechanism for it until now.

All this to say, I am now registered at, which is a place that provides a way for audiences to support the content they value.  Buymeacoffee is used by over half a million podcasters, writers, musicians, non-profits, and other creators as well as millions of their fans.  So now, if you find a particular Raised Catholic episode meaningful and want to throw a few bucks my way or if you’re thinking about year-end giving, or if you want to support the work on a more consistent schedule, you can now do just that over on my page at buymeacoffee.  I have a link for you in the show notes and in my Instagram bio @kerrycampbellwrites if donating is of interest to you, so thanks for that, but most especially thanks for your prayers and for sharing the podcast as that is what helps our Raised Catholic community to grow and making a space for people to find welcome on their journey with God -well, that’s really what this podcast is all about.

Okay, friend, now that that’s done, let’s have a blessing. Let’s quiet ourselves and pray together.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, amen.

Dear God, we find ourselves in that sacred liminal space as one year closes and another is about to be born.  Many who are listening right now have suffered deep losses this year and they struggle to find hope for the one to come. Some have experienced new clarity and unexpected blessings this year.  In this moment, we gather it all in – the light and the dark, the challenges, the gifts, the losses, the ways in which we grew that may have surprised even us.  We thank you that you’ve not left us alone in any of it but rather, you walked with us through each moment of every day.  As we come to the close of this year and seek hope for the year to come, we ask you to orient our gaze to become more aware of your nearness and love for us.  As the days get a bit lighter now one by one, help us to seek you and your good will for us, gathering in more light as we go, step by step by step.  

Father, we pray that you will bless our dear ones in mind, body, and spirit in the year ahead.  Bless the work of their hands, give them good direction, opportunity, and light for their paths.  Make yourself real to them and help them to encounter you as a friend.

Oh Lord, we’re still here, in this world that is so challenged and so bruised, and each day we awaken to contains a purpose that you have designed especially for us.  Help us to find that purpose and to live it, in this one precious life we’re given.  Help us to live out this next year with intention and in love, with the example of your Son foremost in our minds.  And we pray in the name of Jesus and wrapped in the mantle of His Mother Mary, amen.

In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, amen.

Happy, blessed, peaceful Christmas season and 2022 to you and to yours, friends.  I’ll see you next year.

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