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Hi friends,

I’m five short episodes into the Raised Catholic podcast and I was hoping to get your feedback so I can see if I’m on the right track so far. With the podcast, I am hoping to build a space for cradle Catholics (and others – all are welcome!) who might be struggling with some of the louder voices in the American institutional church these days, but who are still seeking God both inside and outside of church walls.

We’re building brick by brick on a foundation of relationship and encounter with God, with the knowledge that we’re known and loved, and we’re making a toolbox of sorts to help us live out our faith a bit deeper each day.

I’d be so honored if you’d join us. And if you like the podcast, subscribing/rating/reviewing and sharing with a friend are great ways to get this message out. I really do appreciate it!

Find Raised Catholic on Apple podcasts here or find it anywhere you listen to podcasts. God bless you and yours, and thanks in advance for your time, feedback, and sharing!

In Him,


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