Eggs and the Farmer (reposted from the Holy Ordinary Collective)


Hi friends, I’d love to share a bit of work I did recently with the amazing Amanda Whiting from the Holy Ordinary Collective.  In the links below, you’ll find Amanda reading my original piece, “Eggs and the Farmer”, and then a follow-up interview we did together.  Our conversation took place on an evening this past July, and it was one of the most Spirit-led, holy, and fun conversations I’d had in a while.  I hope you enjoy it, please let me know your thoughts, and please send Amanda some love!

Also, as you are thinking Christmas gifts and the sharing of all good things, would you consider sharing this blog with friends and asking them to subscribe (by scrolling down to the bottom left hand side and sharing their email)?  It means a lot to me and I would love to grow our community in the new year, giving us an opportunity for more interaction and discussion on the ways in which God is revealing Himself in our everyday lives, all of our own little epiphanies.  Thank you, friends, from the bottom of my heart.  Peace to you and yours today.

Love, Kerry

Eggs and the Farmer

Interview with Amanda from the Holy Ordinary Collective Podcast


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  1. Robert Basche Avatar
    Robert Basche

    Kerry, during the podcast with Amanda it seemed to me that you were holding God’s hand through the entire podcast. Your strength and clarity was channeled to you by that held grasping hand.

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