Late last night, I was reading my kindle next to my sleeping husband when I suddenly felt the presence of God. To me, it feels like a lightness in my chest and an overwhelming peace and awe. I’ve been fortunate to experience this a few times in my life, but, honestly, it had been a while. I knew enough to put down the kindle and listen.

Though I heard no words, I did feel utterly loved and cared for, and as though time had stopped. All of my worries ebbed away as I rested in Him. After some time passed, I fell asleep, kindle on my stomach.

This morning, I went hunting for a particular post on Facebook. I was trying to connect my friend, Deb, with a job opportunity I saw there, and I needed more details to pass along to her. In my scrolling, I found a weirdly perfectly timed, complete open door possibility for one of my dear ones. It may as well have been singing the Hallelujah Chorus and sending light beams out of my computer screen; it was ordained, arranged, and marked with the potential for a very good road ahead. My spirit knew it immediately; this was from God.

Later that morning, my dear one marched through that open door, and I feel truly that it might change the course of his life. This afternoon, as I walked the dog on the college campus near my home, I felt the lightness again, the certain feeling that God is working in these details, and has a perfect plan for where the road will lead. As it says in Jeremiah 29:11, God knows the plans He has for us; plans to prosper us, and give us hope and a future. As I was thinking these thoughts and (almost) singing them out loud, an adorable young couple walked toward me. The young man turned, smiled at the dog, and said hello to me. And it was nothing, really, just a second or two, but I felt sure that God was smiling on me through him.

And, I know, none of what occurred today is particularly newsworthy. There were no thunderbolts. Still, I feel strongly that I am beginning to see the fruit of a painful season, and starting to truly understand how it is that all things work together for good for those who love God. (Romans 8:28) At the end of our lives, I am certain we will find that the small things meant so much more than we ever imagined. Today is one of those days. I helped Deb, and God reached out to me and mine in that act of service. There’s beauty and symmetry there which is truly the language that God speaks. He is in it. 

As I sat in my kitchen over my cucumbers, hummus, pita, orange, and good cheddar cheese, I stopped mid-lunch to sing the song that was bursting in my heart. I couldn’t say it any better.

My soul is filled with JOY as I sing to God, my Savior

You have looked upon Your servant, You have visited Your people

And Holy is Your Name

Through all generations

Everlasting is your mercy

To the people you have chosen

And Holy is Your Name

I proclaim the power of God, You do marvels for Your servants

Though you scatter the proud-hearted and destroy the might of princes


I am lowly as a child but I know from this day forward

That my name will be remembered, for all will call me blessed


In Your Love, You now fulfill what you promised to Your people

I will praise You Lord, my Savior, everlasting is Your Mercy

Holy is Your Name


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