There’s a campaign among some of my favorite podcasters to get the word out about the medium and it’s called #trypod.  Apparently, some people think that listening to podcasts is expensive or complicated, and because of that, they’re missing out, so the idea is to link to your favorites on social media so everyone will know all about why it’s awesome and how to get into it. This is a great idea, but the premise makes me so sad. I can’t imagine my life without podcasts in my ears, and I hate the thought that some of you are going without. Podcasts are critical to my everyday life: I clean with them, drive with them, and walk with them. They keep me company, entertain me, educate and inspire me. I honestly have learned more and grown more and laughed more listening to podcasts in the last couple of years than from any other medium. It started with just one.

I’m a foodie and was seriously into ‘Good Eats’ on the Food Network, so when I heard Alton Brown had a podcast, I gave it a try while refinishing some furniture outside one day. The best part of the episode I heard was a guest spot by John Hodgman, which led me to his seriously fun podcast: ‘Judge John Hodgman’ (@Hodgman), a series in which the comedian judges listeners’ disputes. That led me and my family to see him in person (highly recommend!) and to more podcasts. That’s kind of how it goes. You hear a guest and you search for them and you find more good stuff. One leads to another. From ‘Judge John Hodgman’, I found an interview series, ‘Bullseye with Jesse Thorn’ (@Bullseye), an interview/improv podcast that made me fall a little in love with the host, ‘Spontaneanation with Paul F. Tompkins’ (@Spontaneanation), and a coming-of age interview show, ‘The JV Club’ (@jvclubpodcast). From a guest spot with Elizabeth Gilbert, I found her quirky and earnest podcast on creativity, ‘Magic Lessons’ (@GilbertLiz). From there, I found two writer’s podcasts, ‘Exactly with Kelly Corrigan’ (@corrigankelly) and ‘The Beautiful Writers Podcast’. A mention of Michael Ian Black led me to his interview series, ‘How to Be Amazing’ (@HTBA_Show). I can’t totally remember how it is that I found ‘You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes’ (@peteholmes), a silly comedian’s interview show that sometimes veers into the spiritual or the deep , but I’m so glad I did. An interview with Audrey Assad led me to ‘The Glorious in the Mundane’ (@christynockels), which seriously mirrors my spiritual life so closely that it feels like I was guided there on purpose. ‘On Being’ with Krista Tippett (@onbeing) was recommended by so many people that I couldn’t ignore it, and wow, these interviews will change your perspective.

Please, people. Go to itunes and search for some of these, or just google them. Follow the podcast or just download a couple of episodes (I recommend some below). It’s all FREE. Clean your kitchen and learn something or laugh while you’re listening. You may hear mention of an author, book, idea, movie, or music that might even change your life, and in any case, it’s got to be better than the news!


Judge John Hodgman  —  Episode 132: Criminal In Tent

Bullseye with Jesse Thorn  —  Dick Van Dyke

Spontaneation w/Paul F. Tompkins  —   #4: Savannah, Georgia, # 36 A Dinner Theater

You Made it Weird w/Pete Holmes  —  Garry Shandling, Louie Anderson

How To Be Amazing  —  #2 Lin-Manuel Miranda, #7 Carl Tanner

Exactly with Kelly Corrigan   —  Anne Lamott

Glorious in the Mundane  —  #19 Ann Voskamp, #15 Amaryllis, #9 Beth Moore

On Being  —  Alice Parker, James Martin, Paulo Coelho

Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert  —  S1, Episode 12 w/Brene Brown

Beautiful Writer’s Podcast  —  Mary Karr, Martha Beck



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