apple green kitchen walls

pinecones that smell of cinnamon

bare feet walking on smooth floors


tangy greek yogurt and icy blackberries

lungs that fill and empty

sun shining through windows


mushy dog who holds my gaze

flannel and fleece

quiet and calm


hot coffee and cold milk

honey yellow pillow, sky blue chair

sunlit green leaves out my window


sore legs, new sneakers

open road out a glass door

a mind that can think and imagine

the promise of a

hot shower on new muscles


my father’s wisdom

all around me, patience

beauty, provision

good news for those I love


and all of this

on a Thursday morning

in September

in the course of one hour

in one room

of my house


who knows what I will find

when I step out the door


God walking ahead

this morning

and I’m thankful


© 2016 my little epiphanies all rights reserved


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