I went walking, quiet and alone, skirt swishing, looking for light or a piece of sky to capture with a camera. At every turn, I found telephone wires, broken buildings, and overgrown trees and they blocked my view. I could just make out the outline of the sunset, or the unearthly glow that came pouring out, but I couldn’t make the picture complete. Oh, how I love a complete picture. I am always trying to fit light into the box that I create for it, but the world gets in the way.  It happens all the time.

When I returned home, my daughter insisted on playing me a song she’d heard, an unlikely rap that began with an old gospel tune. And I realized, sometimes the light can be found where we’d least expect it, and it can never be contained. Sometimes it grows in the heart of a girl and it whispers in her ear to pass it along to someone who most needs it, and sometimes she does just that.  God is so big and yet His love chases me down just like I was chasing that sunset tonight. How Great is that.

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