Gun control. Gay rights. Terrorism. Hate. Election 2016. What happened in Orlando provokes a response about many of the political issues of the day, and rightly so, but all of it mostly leaves me shaking my head. These were fifty people, someone’s babies, defenseless, and they were murdered in cold blood, horror, and fear. This is not something that can be fixed, or solved, and we try to make sense of something in our helplessness and despair, but why do our solutions seem to fall flat? We are fatigued, and we know the politics of each issue are what will come next, politics that will divide and anger and splinter even more than we are already divided, splintered, and angry.

But they were someone’s babies, all of them. Gathered in a place with no defense and slaughtered. You would think that is something that could unite even the hardest hearts, but listen. The divide is already beginning, and it did from the minute we heard.

Is it a hate crime because the mad man’s target was a gay club? Yes.

Is it an act of terrorism because the mad man pledged allegiance to ISIS? Yes.

Is it an issue of gun violence because of the assault weapon he carried? Yes.

The primary lens through which we see the events in Orlando will determine our response, but mine, today, honestly, is dismay. How is this going to get better? What will change? Why does everything feel so out of control?

They were someone’s babies, all of them.

I spoke with two friends at church yesterday, both older, truly wise and measured people who have endured and survived a lot in their lifetimes. They both have lived through cancer, and both have seen their spouses and children endure cancer and other chronic illnesses…two did not survive. They have held on to their faith through circumstances that would break many others. Both are fearful of what is to come. One said she has never been so afraid of the future of our country as she is today. Considering everything she’s seen, that’s saying a lot.

So like many of you, I’m praying and digesting the events of the weekend, but no amount of action or prayer on our part will change the raw fact of the largest mass shooting in our country’s history. The number masks the horrible reality of the chasm of grief that has opened in the lives of fifty families, fifty circles of friends, and a country full of people who wonder, if this happened, what next?

They were someone’s babies, all of them.


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