If I Knew


If I only knew

Instead of only guess

The thing might still be wretched

It might still be a mess


But when you really know

Instead of only question

The path grows underneath your foot

One rock to the next one


Gaseous, empty vapor

Tossing to and fro

Instead, I’d like a place to stand

No more guessing, now you know


You cannot climb a mountain

If you can’t make a step

You can’t stop remembering

And begin then to forget


There are no answers to be found

In an achy, empty heart

You can’t begin to finish

What you can’t begin to start


Why then do we most lack

What we most need to know

I’m Eve after an apple

How did that story go


© my little epiphanies Kerry Campbell 2016 all rights reserved


One response to “If I Knew”

  1. erin Avatar

    I can hear a rhythmic beat on this poem…. AWESOME!!

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