Write. Read. Sing. Teach. Love.

Lately, I have been thinking that I am on the verge of something new. I am mindful of this hunch I have, and am open to the idea that I am being led to a new ministry, or job, or experience. If that is the case, I want to cooperate with the process and keep my eyes open. It seems to me as I look back on my life, that God has presented me with these “New Things” from time to time, and that they have required talents or skills that He has placed in me to make it all work. It’s an awesome system, actually, to know that our abilities, desires, strengths, and passions, are somewhat hardwired toward a perfect work or works and that we simply need to cooperate to complete the circle and find fulfillment. I’ve found it a few times in my life, and have discovered that there are a few basic gifts He’s given me that have been in play in that whole scheme of things. Maybe the next Whatever will utilize one or more of these.


I write to process events in my life and my own emotions. As Flannery O’Connor said, “I write because I don’t know what I think until I read what I say.” I used to write extensive local political commentary and a bunch of letters to the editor, and though they were annoying I’m sure to some, they were definitely part of the plan for me. Lately, my writing about life and spirituality is something I often feel compelled to do, and I have lived long enough to know that that feeling is something with which I should cooperate.


This list of five bullet points came to me pretty spontaneously yesterday while running, and I immediately questioned this one. Read? Who doesn’t? But, for me, ‘read’ is more about my outlook on life, how I find deeper meaning in simple things, how I can sometimes discover and connect dots in a way that makes sense for me and others, too.


When I look back over my life, I find that my ability to sing has led me to so many experiences, relationships, and places that I otherwise would never have known. It’s a little dizzying to think of it, actually. Chances are pretty good that if you’re reading this now, we met while singing, or music has united us in some way, and that’s kind of awesome. The fruit that singing has borne in my life makes me certain that it will continue to be a major theme.


Though my degree is in Elementary Education, it wasn’t until my children were born that I found my inner teacher. Now, on my best days, I find I am able to connect with my students and impart a bit of myself, and that’s always my goal. I read once that when you’re doing the thing you’re meant to do, it will feel like hitting a baseball in the ‘sweet spot’ of the bat…effortless and energizing. When I am teaching, and have that feeling, it’s something I know was placed in me, and something I am supposed to use for others.


God knows I don’t always love as well as I should. But, when I do, I know it is God living in me, and that is something I strive for more in my life. Sometimes I can perceive a need, or extend a kind word, or pray real prayers. If I can make someone feel loved, it’s the best thing I can do that day. I want to be more mindful of this as I move forward.

So, what’s next for me? Honestly, I have no idea, but I love pondering it, in part because it causes me to think of the people in my life who use their gifts so beautifully every day. As I get older, I can see these patterns emerging in the Big Plan, I see how you use what has been given to you to benefit other people, and it’s just breathtaking, really, to see. So, whatever tomorrow may bring, however you and I WReSTLe through these days of discovery, thanks for your generosity of spirit and the example you are to me. Wish me luck!


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