Write Your Own Story


Imagine a day when it all stops.

Your busy-ness, your worries, your challenges, your accomplishments, your fears, your routines, your possessions, any title ever given to you. Gone.

What is left is love.  A bright warm light surrounds and envelopes you, and those who have gone before you approach with love and joy in their eyes.

You see your life with such clarity now.  You see how God has walked with you through it all, has carried you, provided for you, forgiven you, and loved you with an everlasting love.  You see the times you succeeded and the times you failed, but what is made most clear is how your life was an important thread in a beautiful tapestry.  You wonder at how rarely you understood that before, and almost wish you could go back and counsel yourself to be lighter, more trusting, to look up.

If you could send a message to your earthly self, what would it be?

I think mine would go something like this…

Your life is so beautiful and precious.  When life seems most challenging, there is a Heavenly chorus gathered around, watching, rooting for you.  Those are the times when you grow the most, and you know that already, looking back, don’t you?  When you choose to trust, or to be kind, or to forgive, or when you learn something really important, it is kind of like all of Heaven is watching a great play on a stage, or a crucial move in a big game.  They are cheering for you!

They are also anticipating your homecoming.  They’re decorating, making things ready and if there were such a thing as time there, they’d be marking off the days on some Heavenly calendar when they can surround you and hug you again.  (They hug you all the time, of course, but they know this hug will be epic, like the last scene in the best movie ever, and they look forward to it!)  There are committee meetings about your homecoming.  In attendance, the guy you smiled at in the grocery store and it changed his whole day, the student you focused on and made feel so special, the person whose life you made easier by some action or ministry (though you never realized it), and many more.  Your mother, your friend, your favorite author, the “three wise men” you looked up to so much and to whom you pray in a group by that name.  Each person’s life you touched and whose life touched yours… busy making banners, choosing music, writing speeches, for you!

So, knowing that, how do you want to live today?  If they’re watching, what kind of a character do you want to be in the Great Story?  Because, you can choose, you know.  So, slow down, take notice, be mindful, and write carefully.  The ending has already been worked out, but make the best of each chapter until then.  You are loved beyond comprehension, so hang in there and look up!


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