Dear Poison Ivy,



Dear Poison Ivy,

No one could say the time we’ve spent together this week was fun, but now that the rash is receding from my face and neck, I’ve found I’ve learned a few things along the way for which I have you to thank.

1. Toxic lifeforms will give you advance warning if you pay attention, so pay attention!
2. Most things in nature will fade and this is sometimes a great thing, especially when it comes to irritating rashes.
3. Presence is more important than appearance. Yes, I looked like a dragon at Maura’s poetry event and soccer tournament, thanks to you, but I would do it all again.
4. You can tell a lot about a person in their reaction to you when you’re not at your best.
5. I am blessed with an abundance of really remarkable people in my life.
6. Even though I hate medicine, being on prednisone comes in handy when you have a whole house full of dirty windows. One day and done!
7. Now that I’m beginning to be recognizable again, I find I actually really like my face. I missed it and now have a better appreciation of it, thanks to you.
8. Scratching really does make it worse.
9. Weeding is for children. (We’ll see how long that lasts…)
10. When your husband will carry a heavy patio umbrella across a soccer field so you won’t be uncomfortable and your son texts you that ‘u r really pretty Mom’, you see how something negative really can bring out the best in the people who love you. And that’s pretty amazing.

So, Poison Ivy, if we never meet again, that will be just fine with me. But I hope to carry a little of what you’ve taught me along the way, especially #9. 🙂



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