So, I’ve been seeing a white moth flying around the bush I planted in honor of my mother since this Spring, and it always makes me smile.  In the last week, I’ve been seeing dragonflies.  I’ll open my car door after pulling in the driveway, and there will be one sitting on a bush, undisturbed by the opening of the door.  Last Saturday after a great family day at Castle Island, I was walking toward the patio when one flew right in front of me, suspended at my eyeline and stared at me.  It then did the same with my daughter.  Weird, right?

As I was watering the grass, this same dragonfly flew to a branch next to me and just stayed there while I watered.  I looked at it closer…it had a green body and a yellow/black tail.  I looked closer.  I took pictures.  It never moved.  Ever. For like twenty minutes.

I took like a billion pictures of it, which you’d think would be disturbing.  Not only did it not look bothered in the slightest, but it literally waved at me with its front leg.  For real!

Today, Maura and I took a walk around Stonehill after dropping off a care package for Brian at camp.  We found our way to the cemetery where the CSC Fathers are buried. As we walked down the path, a huge dragonfly seemed to lead us in.  We stopped and looked, prayed a quick Our Father-Hail Mary-Glory Be, and wondered at the lives of these Holy priests, then made our way out. We were there about ten or fifteen minutes in total.  Before leaving, I felt compelled to stop again and pray on my own, up on the steps near a large crucifix and looking down over a hedge toward the cemetery.  I closed my eyes, and asked my Holy Brothers for help with three things I’ve been praying about.  As I prayed, I felt really peaceful, like my Brothers were gathered around listening to me.  When I opened my eyes, directly in my eyeline on the hedge, was…


Yep, a dragonfly.  Again.

As we left, the same dragonfly who welcomed us on the path flew with us on our way out, and Maura and I were shaking our heads at how much of the world operates just out of our line of vision.

Do I think the dragonfly was my mother? No!  But do I think she now has the ability to guide one into my path?  With God’s help, Yes.  And why would she do that in a world that is so big and so much in need of much larger help than a dragonfly can provide?   As my wise neighbor (who continually finds dimes in her path sent by her late husband) said, “They do this to remind us we are not alone.  They do it to make us smile and remember them… they want us to know they are looking out for us.”

And I believe it.


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