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  • Bloom Where You’re Planted – Raised Catholic episode 11

    Bloom Where You’re Planted – Raised Catholic episode 11

    The following is a transcript from the Raised Catholic podcast. To listen to the podcast, click here. Today is episode 11: Bloom Where You’re Planted Well, hey friends. Two towns away from where I live, there is a half mile stretch of road that contains huge chunks of my life and vocation in various buildings…

  • Wheel


    I used to think that God worked in details, orchestrating events and people in time like a tapestry. Then I didn’t believe it.  Then for a long time, I hoped it was true. Yesterday, God showed off in a hatful of ways about the veracity of that belief: even if we can’t always see it, God is…

  • Keeper


    As I settled into my seat at the annual gratitude mass for a large area charity, I shook my head in wonder. There were hundreds of people at the mass, and it had taken us quite a while to sit, there were so many people to hug. We’ve been a part of this place since…