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  • Let’s Talk About Lent – Raised Catholic episode 10

    Let’s Talk About Lent – Raised Catholic episode 10

    The following is a transcript from the Raised Catholic podcast. To listen to the podcast, click here. Today is episode 10: Let’s Talk About Lent Well, hello friends. As I’m recording today’s podcast, we are just about one week into Lent of 2021 and I have some thoughts. I bet you do, too. Because of…

  • Four Words

    Four Words

    One of my favorite authors featured a short video on her Instagram last week and I cannot stop thinking about it.  In an interview, Kate Bowler speaks about her initial steps into the bewildering and scary journey of stage four cancer and she highlights an interaction with one of her nurses, Meg.  At the time,…

  • Will


    It was a repeat mammogram appointment, and as the ultrasound technician wordlessly went over and over the same spot on my right breast, I was getting worried. After probably seven minutes of looking at the same piece of ceiling tile, I inhaled and exhaled audibly, and the tech asked if I was okay. “I’m fine,”…