• Church People – Raised Catholic episode 20

    Church People – Raised Catholic episode 20

    The following is a transcript from the Raised Catholic podcast. To listen to the podcast, click here. Today is episode 20: Church People Okay, so I am mindful that this episode has the potential of being very long, there is so much to say about ‘church people’, but I’ll do my best to encapsulate a…

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    I spent the afternoon away from home, walking and praying and asking God to speak into my next steps. There is so much up in the air.  I’m a preschool music teacher who doesn’t yet know if the schools will open in the fall, or whether there will be funding for my programs, or whether singing…

  • The Story

    The Story

    It’s Good Friday, and in this coronavirus time, we’re not gathering in our churches for the Stations of the Cross or for the services we’re used to.  We’re not venerating the Cross or singing the solemn songs together.  It may be harder for Christians to enter into the Story than it’s been in Holy Weeks…

  • All Hands In

    All Hands In

    We were at the wake of our friend, Fr. Joe, when I saw the most beautiful prayer. A young man kneeled at the casket, held his open hands out so that his fingertips just touched, and closed his eyes. He then raised his open hands to his forehead, touching it briefly, and then got up…

  • Lens


    See with a God-shaped lens, and set your minds toward hope. Here is not our home.