My Little Epiphanies

short musings and podcast transcripts

  • Orange

    Amid the hustle and bustle of the preparation for Christmas, I had been finding myself a little breathless. Even though I knew I should be spending more time praying, reflecting, and enjoying the season, it seemed my mind was full of things to be done, tasks to check off. In every Advent sermon, I heard…

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  • Blessings

    Ever since my children were in preschool, I have said a little prayer over them as I’ve dropped them off for the day.  In those early years, it was so hard to leave them in someone else’s hands.  Until they went to school, they grew in an environment that was controlled mostly by me.  School…

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  • Why blog? Why ‘epiphany’?

    I spent some part of this morning reading the beautiful words of Glennon Doyle Melton’s Momastery blog, and it occurred to me that a central place to put some of my writing might be a good idea.  ‘Epiphany’ came from a list of potential band names that my daughter was helping to generate for a…

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