My Little Epiphanies

short musings and podcast transcripts

  • Leaves

    When we think of Fall, we think of the leaves “changing color”, but that’s not what’s happening at all.  They are shedding the green, and revealing the bright and beautiful colors they’ve been all along.  But how many of us think of it this way?  We’re so used to seeing the green.  From the minute…

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  • First Spring Run

    Everyone’s running outside today.  After a brutal winter, it’s going to hit 50 degrees, and on a Saturday to boot, so the reluctant treadmill runners are making their way out among the diehard ice and snow crowd.  It’s a beautiful day, a bright blue sky and light wispy clouds, not too windy, and perfect for…

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  • Dear Julie,

    Dear Julie, I am truly thankful to God for letting our lives intersect.  It was clear almost from the start that He had a hand in putting us together, and I am grateful.  When I think of you, memories come rushing in, and I want to hold on to them all. I remember… After seeing…

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